Lab 7: Release 0.2 update

In this week, I continue to search the project I am interested in. I found a file-based CMS project, named CMS.js. It’s different from the project I found last week, because of the Github mode. In this mode, CMS.js uses the Github API to get the content of your repo and serve them as a full website. The project’s link is here:

After I cloned the project, I tried to set up the environment. In this project, I just ran “npm install” befroe I ran “npm start” to run the app locally. Everything went well and at this time I didn’t get any errors.

I started to read the file and there’s only English version for it. In order to let the people who doesn’t understand English to know this project, I decided to contribute the translation to this project. I translated the file to the Chinese version and saved it in the file. After I finished it, I have learnt how to write .md file for Github. And I also created pull request for that. (

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