Lab 4: Release 0.2 update

In this week, I started to work on the project best_resume_ever. This project is a resume generator using Vue.js. I try to fix the following issue:

This issue is filed by myself, because I saw lots of contributors have created their own template based on the existing templates. I picked one existing template and tried to change the layout.

In order to fix this issue, I need to use Vue.js. However, I have no experience on that. I started to read the code inside and google the code I didn’t understand.

By the end of today, I have finished reading the documentation for this project and I found the instruction of adding new template. And then I tried to followed all the steps to add a hard-coded template to see whether it works. My hard-coded template has been created successfully. And the next step is to write my new template. I copied an existing template named “cool” to my template and changed the layout of that template.

I am going to run the tester to verify nothing is broken because of my new template next week. And then I will commit and push the changes and create pull request.

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